Monty and Zoey go home with from Ginger and Buddy 1st generation Schnoodles go home with                                                                Colleen and Emily& James
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 My happy Sweet Little Schnoodle Families  2013~Gingers, Jazzy's, Willow, Blossom and Daisie puppies
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Oakley now Sammy leaves with Wendy Sammy is a Ginger/Buddy 1st gen Parti Schnoodle
Brody leaves with Amy and Nora 
Puppies on this page are from 2013 Ginger
Jazzy & Wrigley
Buddy is the dad
Gracie goes home with Mike and Tammy she is a Jazzy/Wrigley Blue Merle Blue eyed 1st gen
            Rosie goes home to Chicago Haven and Scott  Rosie is a Jazzy/Wrigley 1st gen Schnoodle
Ranger goes home with Mike and Brianne Madison Wi he is a Daisie/Buddy 3rd gen
 Kailani went home with Jill & Alan Whitehead Jazzy/Wrigley Merle female 1st generation
      Kedzie goes home with Anna & Troy Lucy & Evie Daisie/Buddy 3rd gen schnoodle
Becki Moe was the 1st to pick up Leo  he is more than sweet                     Leo Male Daisie & Buddy puppy 3rd generation.
                                   Remy is a 1st gen Schnoodle Jazzy/Wrigley puppy
             Meeka is a 1st gen sable/Phantom puppy from Jazzy/Wrigley litter 
Brody is a 3rd Generation Schnoodle from Daisie/Brody Litter
Lucky is a Ginger/Buddy 1st generation Schnoodle being loved and spoiled by Jamie Moore family
        Chewy is a Jazzy/Wrigley 1st gen Schnoodle loved by the Donni Steel family
Hanson is a Jazzy/Wrigley 1st gen Blue Merle Schnoodle loved by  Minbiole family more pictures to come
Emmy is small and sweet she is a Daisie/Buddy 3rd gen Schnoodle loved by James and Victoria
     Chester is a Ginger/Buddy 1st generation Liver Parti Schnoodle...Loved by Bernadette and Family
Ivy is a Jazzy/Wrigley Blue Merle 1st generation 
Schnoodle loved by the Linn Family
For anyone looking to buy a intelligent, fun-loving, sweet and adorable breed of dogs I would recommend Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan. Our entire process of adopting our puppy was the best it could have possibly been. Jan kept us up to date with pictures and made us feel very confident that our puppy was being cared for in the best way possible. We were updated on vet visits and the growth of our pup. I give Jan credit for the amazing temperament of our dog. Thus far he's the most laid back and affectionate dog my family has ever had and I believe it's due to the caregiving Jan provided. He doesn't mind getting baths, haircuts, being held on his back, the vacuum, and anything else you could think of! I highly recommend Jan and the amazing job she does of breeding the best litters! Thank you Jan for everything!
Amy Carr
We have had such a great experience getting our puppy from Jan. she was always willing to have us over to see our puppy and meet the dogs, she always answered our questions honestly and truthfully, she has such a clean house, and made us feel at home each time we visited. Our puppy is great and we can tell she was loved before she came home with us. Jan loves all her dogs and puppies so much, it's amazing!! She also has a heart for them and wants to see them as they grow!! If you want a quality puppy get one here;)
Anna Hendricks
If you are looking for a Schnoodle breeder, your search is over. I cannot say enough good things about Jan. I am so fortunate that the search for our next family members lead me to Jan. I have always been a Dog owner and am a huge animal lover and have never had to pick my own pet, they always have seemed to pick me through a rescue situation. But due to a horrific incident which resulted in the loss of both of my dogs I found myself in a situation that I have never been in before which was the search for the perfect breed of dog for our Family. After many hours of research along with a heavy heart and reluctance on opening my heart to another dog I met Jan who answered all of my questions and opened up her home to us to meet her dogs and choose the parents of our puppy. My husband and I immediately fell in love with Ginger and Buddy who she was hoping to breed once they were old enough to breed. So the waiting began…..And my fingers were crossed that Ginger and Buddy would make it happen. I Kept in contact with Jan the whole time pestering her with all kinds of questions and this was before Ginger was even pregnant. Ginger and Buddy did not disappoint and the breeding was confirmed and the second stage of waiting began (9 weeks of pregnancy) I was in constant contact with Jan and she made me feel very comfortable and continued to answer all of my questions without hesitation. I was very fortunate to be local to Jan because once my Puppies (yes Puppies) were born I was over there 2-3 times a week and got to know Jan and her Dogs very well. Jan spends pretty much all day and part of the night tending to the Puppies she had 3 different litters, 20 puppies total and she held each one of them several times a day socializing them to humans along with cleaning up after them several times a day (her washing machine was always going) she groomed them weekly, clipping their nails and hair around their eyes when needed, and sometimes had to wash them several times a week depending how poopie they got. I could not believe how dedicated Jan was to those Puppies she truly loves each and every one of them and I have no doubt that each of those puppies leave with a piece of Jan’s heart. Our puppies have been home for over 3 weeks now and we could not be happier, they are very well adjusted and fit in very well with our human and animal family (3 kitties). You will not be disappointed in your experience or fur baby that you get from Jan.  

Colleen and James Worline

For anyone looking for a puppy, I have found a great breeder. The breeder is Jan Cranmer of Sweet Little Schnooldes of Michigan. Our family has allergies to animals so it was important for us to find a breed that would work for us. The schnoodle seemed to be exactly what were looking for so the search was on for the right breeder. We didn't want a puppy from a puppy mill or pet store. We would love to rescue a dog but it wasn't an option because we need to know the bloodline to ensure that we could live allergy free (or as close to as we can get) with our new puppy. I found a few schnoodle pups in the paper but the sellers wouldn't talk to me over the phone. No one I know knew a schnoodle breeder so our search went to the internet. I didn't find any close to us but I did find Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan which was 3 hours away. I read through the website and called them immediately. I was thrilled that Jan took so much time with me and answered so many questions about them. She told me to call anytime with questions. After that call, I knew that I found the right breeder who really loved her dogs and puppies. I told her exactly what I was looking for in a dog and she told me which litter would produce the right puppy. We put our deposit in on a puppy before the breeding was confirmed. After the puppies were born, Jan would post weekly pictures for all the new parents to see. We even have pictures of their first vet appointment. We were told that we could come and see our puppy any time before he was old enough to bring home. It was finally time to meet our puppy and bring him home. The long drive was so worth it. It was nice that both parents were onsite so I could meet them and see their personality. All of the momma dogs came to great us. They were all very clean, very well-mannered and so very friendly. Again, Jan spent a lot of time with me answering more questions and giving puppy information. We have had our puppy for 3 weeks now. We love everything about him. He is so sweet and cuddly yet loves to play and run. He has such a great temperament too. We are so happy with SLSOM that we are getting a sibling for him from next year's litter. We'd like one sooner but Jan isn't breeding the mamma again for a year. I love how she lets the momma be a dog and not just used for breeding. She really loves her dogs and they are part of their family. So, we look forward to next Spring when we get to visit Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan again and bring home our puppy's sibling/playmate! 
Leo's mom Becki of Grand Blanc, MI
For anyone considering adopting a puppy, I highly recommend Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan. My family and I had a wonderful experience adopting our new puppy, Meeka, from Jan Cranmer of Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan. 

Jan breeds healthy, intelligent, and loving Schnauzer Poodle mixes (Schnoodles). She is a very professional breeder and raises her dogs in a family environment. She cares for each of the puppies and their parents like they are her own babies. You also know with Jan that everything she does is in the best interest of your puppy's health and well-being. We are honored that she let us adopt one of her puppies. 

The first time I talked with her I felt like I was talking with an old friend. She welcomes daily emails from new expectant puppy parents and frequent home visits. You could tell by how happy and loving all her dogs are that the puppies are receiving the best care. We also loved her frequent puppy photos. She sent us enough puppy photos of Meeka's first weeks of life to fill an album before we brought Meeka home. That is a gift we will always treasure.

We are so happy to have our newest family member and thankful to Jan for bringing Meeka into our lives. We highly recommend Jan of Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan to anyone who is looking for a dog breeder.
Adrienne Warber
IIf you are looking for a Schnoodle puppy who has been well cared for and loved, Jan is the breeder you need to contact. She will give you not only the information you ask for but pictures of the mom and, when born, the puppies. Jan will also give you her time whether it be over the phone, by text or by email. In communicating with her you find out how much she cares about her dogs, puppies and customers. I have loved my experience with Jan and her Sweet Little Schnoodles and encourage anyone who wants a small, hypoallergenic pup to speak with Jan. Emmy loves you, Jan! So do Jim and I!f you are looking for a Schnoodle puppy who has been well cared for and loved, Jan is the breeder you need to contact. She will give you not only the information you ask for but pictures of the mom and, when born, the puppies. Jan will also give you her time whether it be over the phone, by text or by email. In communicating with her you find out how much she cares about her dogs, puppies and customers. I have loved my experience with Jan and her Sweet Little Schnoodles and encourage anyone who wants a small, hypoallergenic pup to speak with Jan. Emmy loves you, Jan! So do Jim and I!
Caroline leaves with Marty 7/10/2013
Tammy Duffield and her daughter leave with their new                             baby boy 7/19/2013
   Tornado leaves for his new home with Yvonne and Dirk and boy's 7/22/13
Dexter leaves on 7/24/2013 with Shannon Laurie
Belle leaves With Phyllis & Hubby
Boomer leaves for his new home with Theresa & her family
Dobby goes home with Samantha and family
Nellie Leaves with Sandy so sweet love this lady..
Clara and Ed come and get Suzzett happy couple!!
Risa and David and family pick up Hershey he is a Daisie and Buddy puppy so cute
Cooper Blue Merle goes home with Amy and Ben he will live in Arizona Ben has a new BFF
"First camping trip with Dexter.
Can I tell u how much joy Dexter has brought my family. My boys love him so much and he is a ray of sunshine on what was a gray cloudy yr for us.
I'm not sure if u have ever thought about it but u have the ability to change ppls lives. Thank u and God Bless U!!!!"
I am always one that believes everything happens for a reason and things come to you when you need them to. That is how I feel about Dexter. He is such a great dog and has a amazing personality. I was reluctant to get a second dog but I am so glad I listened to my 9 yr old son. 
He is about 11-12 lbs almost 8 months old. Probably full grown. He doesn't shes at all and is so loving. I have a 3 year old dachshund and they love each other. Dexter is great with kids and all other animals. I can take him anywhere and he will behave. 
Jan Cranmer and her Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan are making families happy everyday. My experience was wonderful. Jan was honest open and very flexible in my indecision in the beginning. After she sent me pics of Dexter my heart melted and I was sold. 
I traveled 2.5hrs each way to pick him up and I wasn't sure what I would see when I got there but Jan lives near beautiful Lake Michigan on amazing property and has a very clean lovely home. If you have ever bought from a breeder you know the house can be kind of rough sometimes. I was so happy from the first conversation and that is still true. She is always very responsive and answered every question I had, and there were a lot, quickly and thoroughly. Even after we got Dexter home she stuck with me. It's so refreshing to know she loves her dogs and wants puppy life to go well. I have kept in touch with her through email and pics and I would not hesitate to recommend this breed and breeder to anyone a million times over. good luck in your search. U will not regret bringing a Schnoodle into your family and Jan has the best Schnoodles.
Shannon Laurie
            Tigger leaves with Kathy and her Grand daughter she was so sweet,cute & excited..
Mike Van Dyke
Jan Cranmer did an excellent job raising our pup Ranger in his first 8 weeks. We were delighted to meet the both of them after our long drive from Wisconsin. As first time puppy parents, my wife Brianne and I were both a bit timid, very excited, and somewhat confused throughout the process of adopting Ranger. Jan did everything within her control to help ease our transition and keep us excited about the adoption process. She called Ranger by his name after the first week, when we decided which pup we wanted and what his name was to be. When we walked through the door, she asked us to call is name, and sure enough, out came Ranger, excitedly running to greet us. He had zero separation anxiety when he left home, and never so much as once cried on the 10 hour car ride home. When he got to our home, he instantly made friends with our cat, and they continue to be friends to this day. Ranger is a terrific pet! He is social, fun loving, adventurous, curious, loyal, and most of all loving. We are an adventurous family, and so far we have not found an activity, sound or sight that scares or intimidates Ranger. He loves paddling in the canoe/kayak, taking runs or hiking through the woods, jamming out in the car, or playing with the vacuum cleaner. While he is adventurous and fun loving, he also enjoys curling up to read a book or watch a movie. He especially likes movies/TV with other dogs. Not a day goes past that Ranger doesn't shock us! He was an absolute joy to train, learning how to sit, stay, and lay down with ease. He graduated to more advanced moves, like roll over and play dead with not all that much more training. Lastly, he plays and lives very well with other dogs. My parents have a dog, and on occasion dog sit Ranger, and he behaves like a perfect 6 month old gentleman. We couldn't have asked for anything more than the fantastic experience Jan and Ranger have given us!
Phyllis Bayles
Jan is a good breeder her puppies are well taken care of and loved. Our Schnoodle is so sweet and very smart. Thanks again Jan for such a great little puppy.
Dani Linn
Jan has a true gift with dogs. My parents and I were all so impressed when we first met all of her dogs--I've never encountered such bright-eyed, happy, friendly, healthy-looking, well-behaved dogs. The time, knowledge and experience, and just plain love she devotes to each of her animals is obvious in each of them. Even her formerly-timid adopted Lily showed so much more confidence and happiness in the six weeks between the time we chose my parents' pup and the time we picked her up. I am already hoping to adopt one of her adult dogs at some point, and little Ivy has only been home for two and a half weeks.
​Jan has a magic touch with dogs, or maybe it is that she loves them all so much and puts all her efforts into every one of them. I had just put down my 14-year-old Mini Schnauzer. My vet suggested a mixed breed might be healthier. I loved the Mini Schnauzer breed and the Poodle addition sounded good to me. 

I found Jan on the Internet even though she just lived a few miles from me. I'll never forget the morning I stopped at her house and met her and her furry family. I just loved all of her adult dogs. They were so sweet and fun and Jan was so nice. So....within 2 weeks my Nellie Belle was born from Willow and Buddie's June, 2013 litter. She is 8 months old now and I can't imagine life without her.  

Jan is so nice. I practically camped out at her house until I could bring Nellie home. Jan keeps her Schnoodle families in touch through Facebook. It is such fun to see all the puppies as they grow. My friends have all said Nellie Belle is the perfect dog for me. She is so cute, loves everyone and makes you smile. I just love my "Sweet Little Schnoodle". Now, if I have to throw that ball one more time!.........
Bernadette Dennehy
When our 2 1/2 year old schnoodle (who did NOT come from Sweet Little Schnoodles) died suddenly in March 2013, my son convinced me to look for another one. Our search led us to Jan Cranmer and Sweet Little Schnoodles. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jan Cranmer and her puppies. She was so sweet to me, looking at photos of my departed Riley and listening to me cry about my dog - and she had never even met me. At the time Jan had one male puppy left out of 3 litters, and that little puppy Chester was meant to be mine. We were so impressed by the love and attention Jan gives to all her puppies. Her home is immaculate and always smells fresh (despite having MANY dogs). It was so clear to us that Chester was loved and well cared for the first 8 weeks of his life. He is now 10 months old and is well behaved with an incredibly gentle, loving disposition. I love how Jan keeps in touch with her puppy families and loves to receive photos and updates on them. I would not hesitate to recommend Jan Cranmer to anyone looking for a puppy.
Rouger Goes home with Travis and his family. This puppy was black and white when he was born and changed to Silver and White
Alan Whitehead
Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan is the best dog breeder in our state and we commend Jan for the quality of her puppies!
Jan and her Little Schnoodles of Michigan is the best dog breeder in our state! Our dog Kailani is the best family dog anyone could wish for since she offers so much unconditional affection and love, loyalty, intelligence and athleticism which are far beyond what we had expected!
Caroline Theisen
If you are looking for a sweet and loving puppy, Sweet Schnoodles of Michigan is the place for you! We absolutely love our puppy Marty. He is so smart, sweet and loving. Jan is an awesome person and breeder. She loves and cares for all of her babies so much. She kept us updated with pictures and emails of how our puppy was doing weekly and was always available to answer any questions we had. She truly cares for all of her dogs and I wouldn't recommend anyone else but her! Thank you Jan for everything!!
Alicia Solverson
We absolutely love our schnoodle from Jan! She is a fantastic breeder and we couldn't be happier. Our schnoodle is the perfect addition to our family, and he was SO well taken care of by Jan. She sent pictures every week to give us an update on our puppy and always answered any of our questions we had. I strongly recommend Sweet Little Schnoodles of Michigan!