Jim & Annie Freeman & her new puppy Maddy
Hi Jan,
Just to update you.   Maddy had her first vet check today and she is doing fine. we have a follow up appointment set for her next check and round of shots.  
she is still waking us up several times through the night to let us know she has to go potty.  Otherwise she is pretty much sleeping and staying quiet in her bed.  She is a early riser though...up at 6am today ready to eat and play.  She seems to like to sleep alot in the midmorning then late afternoon she gets really rambunctious just in time for when the kids get home.  She get very excited to see Annie...it is so cute!  She will play hard then crash and sleep soundly..just like a baby.  She will not let me out of her sight during he day though when she is awake.
She seems very content and happy with her new home.  Don't worry..we will take very good care of her :-) .  Lot's of Love in this house for this little one.
The next puppy to go is Puppy #4 Nena she went to a wonderful home in Holland Mi. Her new family Marsha and Mark Lind I know will love her and take such good care. She left September 14th 2010 and I miss her as well. She was very laid back and loved to be held. Marsha and Mark are very loving people that will hold her show her love everyday and they picked the perfect puppy. Will update her name when they decide what name fits her~~
~~~~~~Bindi and Harley watch as Tessa gets lots of Love from Marsha and Mark~~~~~~~~
~Are you taking our baby???? Im a little worried~~~
September 18th 2010 Rex leaves for IL. with the Weibler family. They drove 5 hours to pick Rex up and so I'm sure it was a very long day for the family! They were thrilled to come pick up there new little family member the fur ball Rex.
He went to a family with 3 kids and  his me parent's Jim and Jenny. Super nice family and I'm excited to here from them and see Rex grow up VIA Internet. Thanks so much Jim and Jenny for giving Rex such a great home! 
September 19th 2010 Remy goes home to the French Family in Belleville Mi. 
They have one little boy Kenny and Im sure that Remy and him will bond and be best of friends.
Thanks so much Roland and Daphne!!

Hi Janice, Remy is doing great.  The first night he did cry some, but he does like his sleep.  Thanks for the blanket, we think that it helps alot. He took to his bed right away as if he knew it was just for him!  His vet visit went well,(as we knew it would) he weighed in at 3lbs 1oz.  He was well behaved for the vet even when he got his temperature taken.  It looks like his housebreaking is going to be easier than we thought. We took him out to the yard to play and to our surprise he did his business like a big boy and has done so ever since.  He won't even use the puppy pad!  As long as we take him out as scheduled he is fine. He sleeps mostly through the night and it helps that Roland gets up at 4am takes him out, feeds him and plays with him.  He is ready for a nap by the time Roland leaves for work and ready for round two when Kenny gets up for school.  He is just the sweetest puppy, very playful and loves to be held and talked to.  He can be feisty though, the other night when I told him to get his toy, he actually growled. He likes to growl when he plays with his squeaky toys.  The first night he whined, squeaked, whined,squeaked until he had enough, then went on to other things.  Hope you aren't missing all you babies too much.
 Daphne Have a Blessed Day
  Pepper (Male puppy # 3) left for his new home on September 26, 2010. He went to a very loving home in Canton Mi. with Eddie and Denise Mintz. They are such a sweet loving couple. I know he will be loved very much and also be very well mannered which is so important to them and myself. Thank you so much for finding me to the Mintz Family!!
Remy and Pepper playing with my Grandson Chasetin. They just love kids!!!
 Eddie and Denise Mintz with Pepper 9/26/10 the day he went to his forever home
Rex, Remy,Pepper and Daisie playing hard with my Grandson Chasetin a few days before they went to their new homes. He loved these little puppies so much!!
We are SOOOO excited to bring Pepper into our lives.  Janice, you were so patient with all of our questions and so easy to talk to, understanding the new nervous parents!  What a bundle of joy that has entered our home.  Pepper is a little lover and wants to be held and cuddled, but when play mode is turned on.....boy is there a playful little stinker that just makes us laugh.  I love how attentive he is, he shows a real interest in us which will make training a great experience.
I've told everyone that I am sure I am not the only one to think that their dog is the cutest and smartest, but I know that I am right!
Thanks! We will keep you updated.   Eddie, Denise & Pepper Mintz
Pepper 9 weeks old
One more happy Puppy with a wonderful family Thanks so much Jim & Jenny
Rex with his new family the Weibler from IL.
Pepper & Eddie
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Maddy had her first Christmas what a joy she has been to the Fremon family. She is in Puppy classes and Annie takes her what a great lesson for a little girl. Maddy is the perfect role model in her class
good girl Maddy
Pepper's first Christmas Dec 2010 don't worry folks the bottle is empty what a sweet puppy and cute Santa suit thanks Denise and Eddie many more years of joy with your new puppy!!
Remy's First Christmas 5 months such a handsome boy!!
 Nina with Mark and Marsha Lind
two new pictures of Rex at 7 months old he was one of my Brindle Males so cute
This is Rex that went to live with the Weibler Family in IL he is much loved and a they say he is very good boy!!