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Welcome to my waiting list page. If you would like to become part of my Sweet Little Schnoodle family and be put on the list please call or email me. I will add your name to the list you would like to be on. When the female is bred I will contact the people on the list first. If you would like to place a deposit on a litter before they are born you may also do this. So the order the deposits come in are the order the puppies are picked. If you have a confirmed deposit you must pick your puppy by the age of 3 weeks. So the people next on the list can pick their puppy. This is only fair. You may come and visit the puppies and decide at that time if you would like. Or I also will email pictures to the people on my list. We always welcome home visits. After you pick your puppy I will send you updates and pictures of you puppy. 


                                          Blossom is my Blue Merle Schnauzer 15 pounds she is a sweet girl!!
 This litter prices are as follows Black or plain color $775- Black & White Parti $825 Merle $875
                               Look for her next litter in May 2018

1 Breeder has 1st pick
2 Deirde Moore Deposit Confirmed  
3 Janelle Rolando Male Depsoit confirmed
4 Margaret Kozlowski Male 

 Violet Silver Parti Merle 1st generation Schnoodle 9 Lbs Will be Bred to a Jet Black & Creme AKC Toy Poodle
                                              Look for Violets next Litter in May 2018

With the Shelters full of Dogs and Cats please adopt before you shop.
                            Daisie and Buddies 1st and 2nd litter 
                 Daisie and Buddies 1st litter Leo~Brody~Kedzie~Hershey~Ranger~Emmy
       Blossom and Buddies 2nd Litter Izzy~Parlay~Snoopy~Cooper~Dexter
Miracle is a 1st generation Schnoodle 16 pounds will breed to Mini Poodle Morgan
                               Look Puppies from Miracle born September 20th 2017

 Miss Jada Blue Merle Mega coat MSCA Schnauzer. and Morgan Black Mini Poodle
                      Look for new Pupppies from Jada and Matthew May 2018

           Daisie will be bred one last time with Morgan have a litter in September 22nd 2017
Deposit~or pay off your puppy below
​1 Kate Wilson waiting on deposit 

​1 Rita Nolan Male Deposit Confirmed
2 Joe & Hannah Oergel Deposit confirmed 
3 Lindsay Weber Depsoit confirmed Female
​4 Jill and Marybeth Deposit confirmed Male
5 Margaret Kozlowski Male 

1 Michelle Boettiger Black female named Sophie
2 Cindy Hurbis Brindle Male Toby
3 Tina Gallagher #1 Black Male Laddie
4 Caroline Wilson Brindle Female Mitzie
​5 Joi Bodiford #2 Black male
6 Jim Blair Chocolate Female
7 May go to Lindsay if she dont get a female out of Ginger Chocolate female
Price increase in 2018 by $75 each puppy
Piper and Jadas 2018 wait list
Becca Budka both list for 2018 litters Female deposit confirmed
Bobby Strong Female deposit confirmed
                   Ginger Liver Parti Schnauzer bred to Morgan small Mini Black Poodle Puppies born September 23 2017
1 Christina & Jason Scott Deposit confirmed either sex